Blaster Biome!

Hey all!

Newly added updates were made to Blaster Biome, our casual top-down shooter made in Unity!

You can download the web versions here:

Or you can play the web version here: On


Dream State BETA Has Arrived!

Dream State is now available in a BETA version!!! Download for PC or MAC free at OtherWorld Studios

Check out our Tower Defense demo!!!

Zombies are attacking!!! In our new tower defense demo, “The Eleventh Hour”, Zombies swarm from all sides coming to attack your holdout! Armed with brave marines, machine turrets, barricades and detonators you must quell the onslaught of flesh-devouring undead!

Civilians flee from the zombie horde in increasing “waves”. As you rescue civilians, you gain cash to buy various weapons and infantry. If your main base gets overwhelmed and destroyed then you lose. We’ve not installed a win condition yet – so the goal is to get as far as possible. Will be adding leader boards later on in development.

This is a very rough demo version. We will continue development throughout the summer to improve the game. Let us know what you thing:

The Eleventh Hour

Demo Release!

We’re releasing a demo! Only, it’s a very early stage demo. Call it “Dream State V.01”.

We compiled this bare bones demo to show some basic game-play. For now, the game will be web-based but we hope to move to mobile devices in the near future.

We’ve also included a photoset in today’s update. These are screen shots of some of our creature in-game. This is the menu stage.

Let us know what you think:

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More Updates!!!

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Here are screenshots of our Menu scene! We want to have a setting sun to create a more dynamic setting. Let us know what you think!

“Dream State”

We are officially calling this project “Dream State”. We feel the name is very appropriate and somewhat provocative. What do you think? E-mail us at:

More content coming soon! Stay updated!!!

Dungeon Screenshots

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An OtherWorldly Welcome!

Hello to anyone who happens to come across this first post! OtherWorld Studios is a 2-man game development team looking to get some attention for our upcoming games! We are currently developing a classic “Pokemon”-style RPG/Turn-based Combat Strategy Game – Codenamed: Monsters – for the Iphone and Android!

We are working with the excellent tool for Indie developers like us – Unity. Just FWI to those who don’t know, Unity is an wonderfully powerful, easy-to-use game engine and it’s FREE! Check out the site:

Anyways, the purpose of this Blog is to divulge all the fantastic, gritty news and content updates throughout our development process! We’ll be posting screen-shots, videos, and all sorts of information about games mechanics, settings, controls, etc. and we welcome, nay, encourage, you to give us your feedback. WE WANT TO HEAR IT! Our mission is to make games that the players want to play, so we want to hear what you have to say!

We hope to have a playable demo of Monsters by the end of May, so keep posted with all the latest stuff here on our Blog!!! We’re also on Twitter and Facebook.

Also, we cave a small casual shooter gamer up on Kongregate! Try out Blaster Biome!

You can also e-mail us any questions or suggestions to:

Thanks for the support!